Terms of Service

From here on out, EZRage.com may be referred to as "EZRage", "we", "us" or "our" at any time interchangeably. We understand that most people neglect to read a websites' ToS, so for your sake (and for ours), we will keep them short and sweet.

  1. Please familiarise yourself with tips to gambling responsibly. We strongly encourage all participants to understand and come to terms with the risks of wagering. Bet with your head, not over it.
  2. We reserve the right to edit these terms at any time. These can and most likely will change over time and it is your responsibility to ensure you understand them when you use our services.
  3. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban any user from any of our services for any reason we deem appropriate without so much as a warning.
  4. In the unforeseeable event of a Trade Ban, we will work tirelessly to provide a constant stream of communication to all those affected. Rest assured our number one priority is reliability.
  5. We require you to be at least 18 years of age in order to use the website and its services.
  6. We are not responsible for incorrectly valued items, and by accepting a trade offer you accept the prices at which the services have valued your items. There is always a chance that our bots get pricings wrong for a number of reasons, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you accept the values we determine.
  7. EZRage Staff will never send you a trade offer FOR YOUR OWN SKINS. All attempts made should be deemed as fraudulent and declined immediately.
  8. We respectfully ask that all winnings are accepted within a 3 day time period. This is only to ensure the continued speed and growth of the service. As per our TOS, all skins unaccepted are deemed property of EZRage and will not be returned unless you have previously lodged a support ticket notifying us of any error.
  9. In a perfect world, we would have our services running 24/7. However, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime and it is for this reason we must warn all participants that if the bots are ever offline, there will be no ETA on a fix. We will do our best to minimise downtime.
  10. We take no responsibility for any offensive material presented in the chat or as user information. All avatars and names are fetched directly from the SteamAPI and not modified in any way.
  11. By using our website, you agree to these terms and the rules outlined below.

Chat Rules

  1. Do not offend, humiliate or threaten other users on the site.
  2. Do not ask for skins (Begging).
  3. Do not advertise or mention third-party services and communities on CS:GO.
  4. Do not spam or flood.
  5. Do not post referral links or codes.
  6. Do not impersonate an admin or moderator.
  7. Do not advertise selling any digital product and service.
  8. Keep the chat English only.
  9. Do not communicate on political or religious subjects.
  10. Do not show signs of racism and nationalism.
  11. Do not propagandize drugs, alcohol or violence.
  12. Do not offend or threaten an admin or moderator.


When you confirm your trade offer, you have no guarantee that it will be put in the current round. We will not send back items if you weren't put in the round you wanted. Trade offers to our bots are final, and you cannot withdraw from a round after you've entered.


At no point in time do you play with, or for real money. Items placed are virtual goods which hold no real value according to OPSkins® ToS EZRage is not liable for any losses due to this.

Abuse & Exploits

  1. Abusing exploits, website bugs or market manipulated items is forbidden on EZRage and will almost always lead to a ban. We may issue one-time warnings in special cases, but that's the exception, not the rule.
  2. We tend to reward people that come forward with information regarding a website exploit that they found, because they're being fair-play. Feel free to contact us via e-mail if you have an issue you want to report.